• Shamya Dasgupta
  • Shamya Dasgupta

    Shamya Dasgupta is Senior Editor at Wisden India. He tweets @shamyad.
Shakib, greatness and the Bangladesh cross

Shakib, greatness and the Bangladesh cross

He’s indisputably his country’s greatest ever, but the allrounder’s feats aren’t always lauded like they deserve to be read more

Yuvraj or Misbah, the one number that shouldn’t count

In a young man’s game, the veterans have less room to fail, but it would be read more

Riding the roller-coaster with Bangladesh, Pakistan

As frustrating as they are fascinating, these two Asian nations ensure that there is never a dull read more

2016 in review: Lodha makes the biggest waves

Pink-ball Tests and women’s cricket got a leg up, but there are plenty of issues read more

Sehwag the coach? Bring him on, soonest

Underneath the jovial older brother exterior lies an astute mind and a great instinct; Kings XI must bite the bullet

Ranji Trophy Memories: Ashish Winston Zaidi

The pacer on 18 unbroken seasons bowling on paata surfaces, an insatiable appetite for wickets, and his 'Amar-Akbar-Anthony' name

The Root of all love for sport is in the streets

In a world of multi-million-dollar deals and high stakes, it’s easy to forget why people choose to make a career playing a game

The enigma that answers to the name of Sreesanth

Aspiring actor and politician, Kerala’s problem child still nurtures hopes of a cricketing comeback

Dhawan at the crossroads

Whether the birthday boy takes the Ranji route to an India return remains to be seen; Tendulkar, meanwhile, queers the pitch

Context in women's cricket: The start of a revolution?

It’s been a long, hard road and there are several hurdles to overcome, but the women’s game is gaining more viewers and followers than ever before

Mommsen, champion of the Associates, bows out asking the hard questions

“It doesn’t look good for me to be walking away,” says recently retired Scotland captain, “but the lack of cricket made the decision easier”

Sugary saliva, and Amla in denial

Defending his captain was fine, but the veteran South African batsman was testing our credulity by suggesting he didn't know how reverse swing worked

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