Less of nastiness and ‘Nasty’, more of Gambhir please

Less of nastiness and ‘Nasty’, more of Gambhir please

The Romanian’s words and acts have lowered the discourse around sport, but the cricketer’s actions have elevated it read more

The BCCI empire will strike back, and it won’t be pretty

The ICC have pushed their new vision through and the Indian board aside with unseemly haste; the read more

What's so strategic about the IPL time-out?

Coloured caps that aren’t a true marker of performance and boring opening ceremonies are among IPL read more

Foes-turned-friends, and other IPL highlights

These pictures from the current season tell you how much the sport has changed, and how much read more

In Kohli, our best friends have a best friend

The Indian captain and Anil Kumble, among others, are the genuine packages, who do their bit for the less privileged without asking for publicity

South Africa v West Indies – and a quarter century of divergence

Their Test fortunes have been in sharp contrast since April 1992, but for five days in Barbados 25 years ago, they played one of the great Test matches

How about a little Dhoni respect, Mr Goenka?

Kicking anyone when he is down is tasteless; to do so to one of the legends of the game also reveals a total lack of class

The waning Gayle force – is there one hurrah left?

The Universe Boss continues to rule the airwaves, but he hasn’t been a brutal destroyer of bowling attacks for a while now

Celebrating the better half

Whether it is Mirka Federer, Danielle de Villiers or Ongler, elite sportsmen have much to thank their partners for

Be it Dhoni or Manjrekar, let’s have permission to dissent

Sport will only grow from healthy debate, an opposing voice doesn’t immediately deserve a mighty backlash

Spinning Afghanistan to the forefront, the Rashid way

Not yet 19, the bubbly and energetic legspinner has already captured the imagination; the cricket world is his for the taking

In Dhoni’s conduct is a lesson for prima donna Paes

In making a sad spectacle of himself, the Indian tennis hero has totally exploded the ‘team-man’ and ‘country before self’ persona he once had

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