If genetics is king, where's Saif Ali Khan the cricketer?

If genetics is king, where's Saif Ali Khan the cricketer?

The blatant nepotism in the case of Jaydev Shah shows that variety is the spice of cricket, not genes read more

Hit sexism for a six, it’s about time

People in power need to step it up and signal that this form of ‘ingrained prejudice’ is read more

No topping Sri Lankans on the charm offensive front

From the smiling people to the delightful places, everything around the tiny teardrop island is infused with read more

Roger Federer – defying age, defining an age

It’s natural to think our champions as being better than those of the next generation’s; read more

The Amazing Dr Grace, a pioneer like no other

WG was much before his time, and his legacy finds resonance even today when the Gayles and Bravos go the T20 freelancer route

Responsibility or burden, it’s Mithali Raj’s cross to bear

India’s batting will continue to bank on her till such time that is an active cricketer, much like it used to with Gavaskar and Tendulkar

The heart of a winner, the grace of a champion

In heartbreaking defeat, Nadal showed an all-too-rare equanimity; should that be the norm, or a glorious exception?

Sunil Gavaskar, a gentleman of class and grace

It needed a dash of maturity to fully appreciate India’s first cricketing superstar, but once you did you couldn’t get enough

The Wankhede final will always define Dhoni, the man and the player

He couldn’t have known then that he would get the job done, but he would have known he’d get roasted if he didn’t – and he went ahead of Yuvraj anyway

Shortchanging the stakeholders, from Kohli to Tomic

The greatest investment made by anyone in sport is by the fan; the athletes owe them a fair game and, at times, a reasonable explanation

Kaur and Mandhana lift the lid, all over again

The path-breaking duo have established themselves as role models, especially with women’s cricket at an all-time high currently

Giving up the captaincy, a thorny thread from Ganguly to AB

The opinions of Graeme Smith and Barry Richards on de Villiers quitting as skipper were reminiscent of Greg Chappell asking the same of the Indian captain

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