• Anand Vasu

    by Anand Vasu
The unique Australian mud-slinging that is best avoided

The unique Australian mud-slinging that is best avoided

Michael Clarke and Mitchell Johnson have raked up the unsavoury past in their autobiographies; it does neither player any credit read more

Stark realities stare BCCI in the face

The imminent purge within the corridors of power in the Indian board is more self-invited than read more

Kohli’s horses deliver on suitable courses

Anything but conventional, India’s Test skipper has fused gut and logic beautifully to arrive at varied read more

Fascinating sub-plots await Gambhir return

The experienced opener is in a win-win or a no-win situation, depending on how you read more

India's Test buffet shows T20 drive-thru isn't the pinnacle

BCCI, often accused of being interested in only the bottom line, has done its bit, it's time the fans do theirs

Trinidad Trippings: The intoxicating Brian Lara

The teacher with a difference meets his match in R Ashwin, who is proving to be more of an all-rounder than meets the eye

The Roston Chase is afoot

The young Combermere alumnus has given the West Indies a reason to hope and Holder a reason to smile; Richards calls it “breakthrough innings”

Antigua Adventures: A heady mix of The King, the Prince and jaw-dropping Kumble

Throw in the beaches, the carnival and impeccable road manners, and the drudgery of travel takes a backseat

Lessons in reverence when King Viv met Kohli and Co.

An informal interaction in Antigua showed just how much India’s young cricketers, superstars themselves, respect the legends

Amir, and second chances

Cricket is better for not being a zero-sum, with-us-or-against-us, game

Tears in the lights trump smiles in darkness

Watching arguably the greatest footballer broken was sad, but public grief was preferable to the darkest option that some in cricket had chosen

How about letting Kohli be the best he can be?

At best, comparisons are odious; they don’t carry any real merit, and do no justice to anyone concerned

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