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Is Keemo Paul in for a lifetime of regret?

Is Keemo Paul in for a lifetime of regret?

The West Indian teenager’s move to Mankad the batsman has reopened the debate on Spirit of Cricket, without which the sport would be poorer read more

Cricket needs Amir’s rehabilitation to work

Reformed Pakistan pacer can be an example to youngsters, showing him the door would've been retribution, read more

The conflict of Manohar

BCCI and ICC chief might have to pay the price for merely making the right noises and read more

No-hit, can-hit or will-hit: Who is the real Rohit?

Backed to a fault by a succession of captains and coaches, the gifted Mumbaikar is yet to read more

Meeting, and touching, their heroes

The UNICEF-Delhi Daredevils initiative empowers disadvantaged adolescents in rural Chhattisgarh

Why do we play sport?

From Simon Barnes to Joe Vigil, the greatest in different fields have understood that the closer you get to the reason you love the game, the more you will get out of it

Kartik: The man who didn’t realise how special he was

The left-arm spinner who should have played a lot more for India exited the game in the same manner as he had played it – on his own terms

Big Three v Small Seven not the end of the world

The cricket world finds itself at the crossroads, but perhaps the path does not lead to extinction

The Gandhi-Mandela Trophy that never was

The proposed five-Test series with two games in India and three in South Africa would have been a fascinating experience, but not all things are meant to be

Changing milieu of the player-media relationship

The propensity to look for juicy tidbits has resulted in the erection of invisible walls between the Indian journalist and the Indian player

Bracing for a backlash

Indian players might become the convenient target of an irate South African audience that feels let down by the BCCI

This one's for you, mum

As the rest of the world prepares for his final Test, Tendulkar's mother will watch him play for the first time

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