Team spirit beyond the boundary

Team spirit beyond the boundary

On a rainy Australian day, a lesson in women’s cricket, a burst of blue and a crowd unperturbed by delays and washouts read more

The future of Tests is in mum’s hands

To light a spark in young fans, you have to give them access, not treat them like read more

Christmas cheer 8000 miles from family

Cricket makes sure there’s a little slice of home, enough to raise the spirits, wherever you read more

Having a ball while making one

A triumphant attempt at turning a tyre into a cricket ball offers a window into the past read more

A bat, a ball and a rooftop

From twisting bylanes to stadiums with barred entries, cricket finds a way even if circumstances don't allow it to

Where there’s flat ground, there will be cricket

After four months of travel, any cricket, even on the streets and beaches of Sri Lanka, feels like home

An outsider’s guide to the press box

First experience of a Test match in an ‘official’ capacity has merely served to whet the appetite

That 4pm barefoot itch

From the swirling dust, lessons of love and respect at a public cricket ground

Greatest show on Earth? Not quite

At a T20 game in India, entertainment and cricket combine for a cocktail that’s sometimes too heady

The cricket is going to get you

In India, cricket is everywhere – on the streets, in apartments, on storefronts; just don’t close your eyes

Part of a secret club

Going to the Ireland-Scotland ODI is a family outing in every sense of the term

Decrypting cricket speak

Cricket is full of unique turns of phrase and for a newbie, the jargon is best remembered through pictures

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