• Shamya Dasgupta

    by Shamya Dasgupta
From Tied Test to 500th, BCCI indifference to history remains appalling

From Tied Test to 500th, BCCI indifference to history remains appalling

To ignore the memorable Chennai game of 1986, and to not invite several captains for the Kanpur bash, did the Indian board no credit whatsoever read more

The Guptill-Rohit parallel: Red-ball blues for white-ball behemoths

While New Zealand have put their opener on notice, India continue to hem and haw when it read more

Dilshan – the everyday cricketer who copied, then patented the scoop

The inventive batsman’s is a career to be celebrated and cherished as he leaves behind a read more

What price safety? England’s Bangladesh conundrum

The cricket-crazy fans in the Asian nation deserve a full-strength opposition; the undeserving are the read more

Grappling with lambs abroad syndrome, the Australian way

Teams from the subcontinent appear to be adapting to alien conditions better than those confronted with the Asian rope trick

The glory of No. 1, the poignancy of No. 2

The tale of a winner is often overwhelming, but grace in defeat makes the runner-up the equivalent of a champion

Administrative short shrift pulling Indian sport down

For all the flak they have received, the BCCI has walked the talk; other bodies have badly let the Dipas and the Dutees down

The commitment game: Is Paes the equal of Tendulkar?

While the cricket legend’s dedication to the cause was almost always exemplary, the tennis ace has double-faulted more than once

Good guy Jason, troubled captain Holder

There’s something inherently likeable about the West Indies skipper, but he’s a cricketer struggling to do justice to his talent

A Murali doosra like no other

The offspinner’s presence in the Australian camp is evidence that he has moved on from an unsavoury past

A melodious main track, and jarring accoutrements

As the IPL has exemplified, sport in India has moved beyond the frills; organisers of the Vijender-Hope bout refused to embrace that truism

Sort out the pitches and grounds, let the bats be

The debate on bat sizes has amped up in the last few days; for bowlers to remain relevant, however, they need helpful surfaces

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