• Shamya Dasgupta

    by Shamya Dasgupta
Gayle will believe it when he sees it hurt

Gayle will believe it when he sees it hurt

The big-hitting West Indian's behaviour is unacceptable, but our hypocrisy allows him to be a repeat offender read more

Best keep old Azharuddin in the memory banks

The attempt on celluloid to resurrect a fallen hero, however special he might have been, seems short read more

Boom Boom Afridi, the unmatched destroyer of boredom

For all his tempestuousness and propensity to under-achieve, the thrill-a-minute former Pakistan captain is read more

Does India have a sporting culture at all?

Salman Khan’s appointment as goodwill ambassador for the Olympic contingent has opened a can of worms read more

Mustafizur's secret: An uncluttered mind, unaffected by pressure

A face-off with Kohli in the IPL will be the biggest test of how far the Bangladesh youngster has come 

Safety trumps freedom, too much is always better than too little

The Bhat and St John incidents reiterate the necessity to control what’s in our hands

No ‘spin’ needed – toss the coin out

The decision to do away with the toss for county cricket is the way forward for cricket and will help equalise things for visiting sides

Pressing questions – for the media and Dhoni

The Indian captain’s shown rare tetchiness lately, but some introspection by the press corps would not be amiss

When the Universe Boss danced for Afghanistan

Chris Gayle's celebration with the victorious side has done much to further the cause of the Associates

The 'injustice' that brought Mortaza to tears

Bangladesh are convinced they and Taskin have been wronged, and it might just bring out the best in them

Behind the big money, Kohli v Federer

A recent study on Indian sport pegs cricketer’s earnings lower down the scale than many other athletes, and it's worth sifting through the numbers

Virat Kohli - the man who can do, must do, will do it all

India's most formidable batsman is as much of a purist as the modern game allows him to be, but can don different avatars to suit the team's needs

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