Bigger, better, badder – elementary, Mr Watson

Bigger, better, badder – elementary, Mr Watson

No longer seized by the fear of failure or the pressure to perform, the new Watto is quite the force to reckon with read more

Bring on the Djokovic, Maxwell style

The duck-hook may not quite catch the imagination, but how about a good old-fashioned leave read more

Will the masters keep the turnstiles buzzing?

Stars of the past must turn the clock back to not just entertain but also bring in read more

Fixing the fix over Mohammad Amir’s return

He has done his time, but uncomfortable questions will continue to accompany the young paceman's rehabilitation

A flood of cricket in the state, but the city is parched

Fluid borders and identity mean there are fewer 'local' players in a state side, and fewer still from the capitals

The IPL draft, much ado about something

The BCCI and Kohli take diametrically opposite PR paths, but which way will Pune and Rajkot go?

Review dissent, not the dissenters

Sport must desist from punishing the player objecting gently to an obvious mistake by the umpire

When dominance can breed boredom

Unless you feel a connect with repeat champions, it is difficult to be excited by their continued success

For a win-win equation between writer and athlete

Celebrating young Amir and van Schoor, and contemplating the journalist's role in the career of those like them

It matters that Kohli and Co. lend their voice to causes

Players must inhabit socio-political spaces – even if it's just a home video calling for a pet-friendly Diwali

Leave cynicism aside and enjoy the Tendulkar-Warne show

The legends of the game might be peddling nostalgia, but if you choose to hop on board, it's a fun ride

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