• R Kaushik

    by R Kaushik
The lost anonymity of growing up as Dravid Jr

The lost anonymity of growing up as Dravid Jr

Young Samit is quite the destroyer and his illustrious father, while not making demands on him, knows his son will always face scrutiny read more

Dew diligence needed before India is pink-ball ready

BCCI must address many things if they want to make the Test-viewing experience a happy one – read more

IPL – the convenient scapegoat for all of India’s ills

It would be great if taking the league out of Maharashtra helps the drought situation, but is read more

The curtain call without the final bow

Retirements in cricket can be cruel, and a player’s final appearance on the field often belies the storied career that went behind

Mushfiqur Rahim, and premature celebrations

Sport should be about joyous outpourings of emotions, but sometimes the timing can be awry

Fandom at 30,000 feet

In the cloistered space of a flight from Nagpur to Kolkata, a slice of Indian cricketers' life and adulation among fans

The mystique and the memories of that day in 1985

On the sidelines of a remarkable Irani Cup final, Gavaskar and Sivaramakrishnan took us back to the WSC final from 31 years ago

The power of the tiny cap

Whether faded, old, fraying or sweat-stained, for cricketers, it's not just a piece of cloth covering their heads - it's the cap of good hope

BK Garudachar, the grand old man of Indian cricket

The game is poorer for the loss of one of its doyens, a man who was modest to a fault and a fine human being above all else

Changing times, changing stances – the irony in the DRS debate

BCCI’s insistence on a foolproof review system was mocked, but with the Big Three being dismantled, many critics have switched sides

Mr Viswanath, Hero No. 1.01

A self-effacing magician and the epitome of grace on and off the field, Gundappa Viswanath turns 67 today but his art remains ageless

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