2nd Match | 13th September 2017 | Independence Cup 2017
Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore, Pakistan

World XI won by 7 wickets

Target: 175
That about wraps this one up from our end ladies and gentlemen. Hope you've enjoyed the coverage. Sleep well. Good night.
FAF DU PLESSIS: Yeah we needed this to keep the independence cup alive. We made fewer mistakes today with the ball. It was a great innings from Perera. Hashim’s innings was very important. We needed one person to hang around. He got a bit tired towards the end. We just thought that we would take it in our stride because we’re a brand new team. We were disappointed last night but now we’re happy. Our bowlers were much better today. Also our batting was very smart. Hopefully we can do the same in the last game.
SARFRAZ AHMED: We knew that it was going to be tough until Amla was around. It’s a great chance for the youngsters in the team to learn from how Amla went about scoring his runs. We had very good score on the board but we were unable to defend it.
THISARA PERERA: It’s really a dream come true to be selected for this team. Hash told me to stay till the last moment. I listen to him a lot and it paid off. Every player has a goal and this has been one of mine. The Pakistan crowd was great.
Player of the match - Thisara Perera
With this win, World XI have levelled the three-match series 1-1.
Each of Perera’s five sixes have come off full tosses! That just goes to show how poorly Pakistan have executed their yorkers. 47 from 19 ball is some serious batting. At one stage it looked like Amla would be the one taking them over the line but he got a little tired towards the end but thankfully for World XI, Perera was able to come up with a blinder.
World XI won by 7 wickets
19.5 R Raees to T Perera, SIX, Mr Perera, take a bow! That’s a knockout blow. Another full toss came his way and he smacked it over the sight screen. That’s absolutely bludgeoned.
19.4 R Raees to H Amla, 1 run, short, slower ball on the middle. Amla pulls that toward deep backward square.
19.3 R Raees to H Amla, 2 runs, fortune favours Amla yet again. He goes for the big hit off the slower ball. He can only manage a top edge. It falls in no-man’s land. They run a couple.
19.2 R Raees to T Perera, 1 run, that comes off the toe of the bat and it’s dribbling towards long on. They consider a second but Shadab does well to keep it down to one.
19.1 R Raees to T Perera, 2 runs, slower ball on the off stump and it’s absolutely creamed to the long off fielder. There’s a fumble in the deep and they managed an extra run.
19.1 R Raees to T Perera, WIDE, pressure is getting the better of Pakistan’s bowlers here. Raees bowls that way too wide.
WXI - 162/3 (19.0 overs)
20 Runs
H Amla : 69(53) T Perera : 38(16)
S Khan : 4-0-44-1 R Raees : 3-0-23-0
18.6 S Khan to T Perera, 1 run, that’s another yorker. This time Perera can only drill it down the ground to long off.
4th Wicket: 55 runs in 29 balls (Hashim Amla 17*, Thisara Perera 37*)
18.5 S Khan to T Perera, SIX, thank you very much! That’s a full toss at the body and Perera whacks this a long way over the deep backward square fence.
18.4 S Khan to T Perera, 2 runs, Malik has put down a sitter. It was flying to him at long off and he would’ve normally taken that. Who knows how that injury earlier in the day had a part to play in him dropping this one.
18.3 S Khan to T Perera, 2 runs, that’s finally a good yorker. Perera gets that off the bottom of his bat towards long on. They get another couple of runs.
18.3 S Khan to T Perera, WIDE, Perera has gotten into Sohail’s head. Sohail thinks Perera is going to walk across. He bowls it wide and Perera stays his ground. Sohail's unhappy with that.
WXI 150/3 (18.2 ovs)
18.2 S Khan to T Perera, 2 runs, on the pads, another full toss and he has flicked that to deep midwicket. The throw is wide and he’s able to pick up a couple of runs.
18.1 S Khan to T Perera, SIX, Perera is having a party out there. It’s another full toss and he has whacked this one over the long on fence too.
WXI - 142/3 (18.0 overs)
8 Runs
H Amla : 69(53) T Perera : 19(10)
R Raees : 3-0-23-0 S Khan : 3-0-24-1
17.6 R Raees to H Amla, no run, an uncharacteristic scoop attempt from Amla. He stands in attention at the stumps and looks to scoop over the keeper. He’s unable to get any bat on the back-of-the-hand delivery.
17.5 R Raees to H Amla, no run, fine ball that. Amla picked the slower ball but wasn't able to gauge the exact pace on the ball. It’s short and Amla doesn’t get the pull away.
17.4 R Raees to T Perera, 1 run, slower short ball and Perera pulls that to midwicket to pick up a run. Perera is making this very interesting.
Scorer: Shashwat Rao Commentator: Roshan Thyagarajan