3rd Test | 12th August 2017 | India tour of Sri Lanka Test series 2017
Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Kandy, Sri Lanka

India won by an innings and 171 runs

Thanks, ladies and gents. That's all from us for the Test series. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. We will be back for the One-Day series. Till then, good bye. See you!
Virat Kohli: It's a good day to win for us. Very happy with the overall game. I would say the regulars have performed like they have been doing for last three years. But Hardik is the biggest positive. Jinx and Pujji did well. KL too. Really happy with the overall performance of the team. We are a young side, we look forward to playing Test cricket, every Test match. We like to be proactive in our approach rather than being reactive. We have age on our side and the opportunity to play for five-six years together. (On Sri Lanka) They are a good side, they beat Australia 3-0 here. It's keeping the belief and keep working hard, the results will do come out.
Shikhar Dhawan (MoS): Before the series, I was in Hong Kong, enjoying my holidays. I got an opportunity and the things went very well for me. This is my natural game and I am enjoying my batting. I have to keep doing the hard work and keep scoring runs. (On the competition) That's very good sign for Indian cricket and keeps me on my toes.
Dinesh Chandimal: You cannot control the toss. Credit goes to India, they played some outstanding cricket. It's part of the team. Both batting and bowling were below par throughout the series. They scored 600 in both the Tests, so we decided to go with five bowlers. Our batting as well as bowling, you have to be more patient. If we can do that. We have very talented players, but we need to concentrate on our batting and bowling.
Hardik Pandya (MoM): I am glad that I got my first hundred here. I knew I can play my shots. I backed my instincts. I had some targets in my mind what as a team we can achieve. It's a pretty amazing team and everyone backs me to do well.
India won the series 3-0.
Player of the series - Shikhar Dhawan
Player of the match - Hardik Pandya
India win the match as well as the series, by 3-0. It's the first time they have whitewashed an opponent away from home in a minimum of three-Test series. This is also the second time Sri Lanka have been whitewashed at home, first being against Australia in 2004.
India won by an innings and 171 runs
74.3 R Ashwin to L Kumara, OUT, round the wicket, carrom ball and beats the bat, clips the off stump and that's it. INDIA WIN!! L Kumara b R Ashwin 10(15) [4s-2] [6s-0]
74.2 R Ashwin to L Kumara, FOUR, down the track and hits it past mid on for a boundary
74.1 R Ashwin to V Fernando, 1 run, dragged short, worked towards deep square leg
Ashwin now.
SL - 176/9 (74.0 overs)
6 Runs
L Kumara : 6(13) V Fernando : 3(16)
K Yadav : 17-4-56-1 M Shami : 15-6-32-3
73.6 K Yadav to L Kumara, 2 runs, down the track and lofted towards long on, Umesh paddles back and flicks it just inside the boundary
73.5 K Yadav to L Kumara, no run, length outside off, defended
73.4 K Yadav to L Kumara, FOUR, fuller and hit over extra cover, four
73.3 K Yadav to L Kumara, no run, length outside off, left alone
73.2 K Yadav to L Kumara, no run, tossed up, digs it out to mid on
Scorer: TechFront