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The letter from Kevin Roberts to Alistair Nicholson confirmed that new contracts had been distributed to all men’s and women’s players that were conditional upon a new MoU being finalised. © Getty Images

Cricket Australia (CA) have revised their offer to the Australian cricketers in a bid to resolve a bitter pay dispute that has threatened to disrupt cricket in the country in a big way, saying on Friday (June 23) that they have offered a number of concessions, including a greater share of surpluses for both international and domestic players.

The offer, outlined in a letter from Kevin Roberts, CA’s executive general manager, to Alistair Nicholson, the Australian Cricketers’ Association chief, came just a week before the current Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) expires on June 30.

But the players’ union responded to the latest offer by calling it “unacceptable”.

The ACA had been staunchly opposed to CA’s plan of modifying the existing MoU that provided a flat share of revenue for the players. CA had instead offered international men’s and women’s players a share of surpluses up to Aus$ 20 million (US$ 15 million), while increases in domestic players’ payments would be capped at 18% (men) and 150% (women).

CA are now offering to …
1. Increase the international cricket surpluses that are shared with players
2. Include all domestic players in the sharing arrangements
3. Increase annual pay rises to male state players (with commensurate increases for WNCL and WBBL players to maintain gender pay equity)

The letter did not say how much more CA was prepared to offer. But it did confirm that new contracts have been distributed to all Australian men’s and women’s players that are conditional upon a new MoU being finalised.

“Meetings between CA and the ACA over the last fortnight have been encouraging and we remain optimistic that continued momentum will result in a new MOU being agreed by June 30,” said Roberts in the letter. “CA has listened to feedback from players and has also invited the ACA to explore the flexibility we are prepared to offer in order to conclude a new MOU.

“Player feedback suggests that the sharing of international cricket surpluses with male and female domestic players and the level of pay increases for male state players are critical issues for them. We are therefore writing to indicate that CA is prepared to address these issues to help achieve a new MOU.”

The ACA, reacting to the letter, advised the players not to sign the new deal. “The letter provided to players today from CA does not accurately reflect how far apart the parties remain with a week to go,” said the ACA in a statement later in the day. “The parties have not reached agreement on many fundamental issues. The contract offers do not contain revenue sharing for all players, and are not what they appear to be. They do not include crucial information regarding terms and conditions.

“Further, as has been requested since August 2016, critical financial and forecasting information has yet to be provided so the ACA can properly assess the offers and advise the players accordingly.