The king is dead, long live the king, it was once said. And it was in keeping with that plebeian proclamation that Tuesday (December 15) witnessed the IPL draft that drove home the realisation that the cricketing royalty in Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were indeed deceased, albeit temporarily, even as their familiar line-ups were resurrected as Pune and Rajkot.

Suresh Raina and Faf du Plessis took the change in loyalty sportingly.


James Faulkner, one of the ten players picked, would be, we were told, more circumspect in his celebration.



So how do the two new teams stack up? And what does it all mean for the next edition of the IPL? Harsha Bhogle, Aakash Chopra and Mohammad Kaif offered their opinions.







After the cricket pitch and the draft room, the battle temporarily moved to the cinema halls.



Graeme Swann preferred to watch history in the making, where Tim Peake, the British astronaut, blasted off into space in a Soyuz rocket to spend six months at the International Space Station.


Speaking of history, it was an important date in Indian cricket.


In Australia, meanwhile, the stars descended for the Big Bash League, and old friends were reunited.


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David Miller had a great start to the day, and it only got better.



It was a special day for the South African fans as well.


Dale Steyn, too, had his hands full.
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Michael Clarke was up and about early, getting ready for a race on the waters.
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And the wishes continued to pour in for Team India’s latest newlyweds.