Social media, let’s admit, can on most days be a cesspool of outrage, glib marketing and inanity. Then you have days like Thursday (April 20), when Twitter surprises you with its genuineness and makes you feel all warm inside.

Look how happy these kids are at a visit from Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers and Shane Watson. Look how happy the players are!

Special Afternoon at Tamahar Care Centre with @abdevilliers17 @virat.kohli. #amazingcause

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Brendon McCullum too did his bit.

As did Virender Sehwag. Next time, he could perhaps try it with fewer insensitive puns; for now, it’s the little deeds that count.

Faf du Plessis was smiling, and who wouldn’t, when your day starts off with the small pleasures.


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Eoin Morgan shared the unadulterated joy that comes with being named in your national side.

Kane Williamson too was all smiles after a special first appearance in IPL 2017.

Even Chris Gayle, whose feed can tilt towards the inappropriate most days, gave us something sweet. When he says #KissGayle, it really isn’t what you’d expect.

#KissGayle ????????????❤️❤️❤️???????????? ????@krisallyna333

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And Charlotte Edwards was touched.

Elsewhere, Rene Farrell ended her ODI career.

Kevin Pietersen had a valid question. Glenn Maxwell had a better question back.

David Warner has had a problem that’s every driver’s nightmare.

Australian internationals came out strongly in support of the comments by their players’ representative Tim May.

And what d’ya know, even Sachin Tendulkar just hangs out with friends.