Tuesday (November 14) was Children’s Day in India – the one day when it’s OK to dig up embarrassing childhood photos of bad fashion and worse haircuts, and revel in sepia-tinted nostalgia.

The smart ones stuck to photos of their good-looking kids, and others’ good-looking kids.

Karun Nair said especially grown-up things.

Alex Hartley was the only one who seemed to get the point of never growing up.

This photo of Nepal’s youngsters celebrating seemed to perfectly capture what it means to be young and wild and free.

However, it is perhaps only right that a celebration of childhood comes with the dire warning of what lies ahead.

Speaking of youth passing one by – Adam Gilchrist, Hemang Badani and Manoj Tiwary were among those turning a year older.

Heather Knight was packing away her whites and wasn’t happy about it. A thumbs down to no more Tests for two years.

And Rishabh Pant crowdsourced opinion about Movember.