Ireland are set to play their first Test against Pakistan in May 2018, and obviously that calls for celebrations. It’s Vijay Merchant’s birthday. Robin Uthappa has become a father. New Zealand are on their way to India. Thursday (October 12) offered a decent chunk of interesting material for a non-action day.   

But first, let’s start with Ashish Nehra, who is gearing up for his final international game in New Delhi, on November 1. 

Here come the Irish.

Say hello to Steven Smith’s little friend.

Kevin Pietersen should be a travel blogger’s envy.   

Here’s KP’s bit for the day. 

Hail Mr Merchant, second only to the Don.

Robin Uthappa has never looked this elated. 

When it rains, it pours. 

This is some bad news for Pakistan. 

Woot, woot! Look at the new Suresh Raina.

And, the Kiwis are flying!