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What needs to be done for Test cricket to stay relevant?

  • Just bring on the Test Championship and we’ll know who is actually the best team (29%)
  • More day-night Tests with the pink ball will encourage fans to come to the stadium (22%)
  • Get rid of the toss and let the away captain decide to counteract home advantage (22%)
  • Four-day, 100-over Tests, which begin on Thursday and build to a Sunday climax (14%)
  • Who is to say the tinkering will do any good? Let’s not change for change’s sake (13%)

How close is Virat Kohli to joining the pantheon of India’s greatest batsmen?

  • Very far. He is yet to make meaningful Test runs when the ball is swinging around (39%)
  • He’s already there (23%)
  • It’s too early to say (22%)
  • Doesn’t really matter as long as he wins matches for India (16%)

What’s ailing the Indian ODI team?

  • Poor death bowling and lack of penetrativeness (38%)
  • Virat Kohli’s struggles since his World Cup century against Pakistan (25%)
  • Nothing. South Africa are a superior side (22%)
  • MS Dhoni’s inability to finish off chases (15%)

The decision to retain team director Ravi Shastri and the three assistant coaches till the World T20 is:

  • Good. It’s important to have continuity and they have produced results (53%)
  • Poor. No matter what, you must have a head coach (21%)
  • Forced. BCCI mandarins were too busy to initiate the process to find a new coach (16%)
  • Immaterial. It’s the players who play, not the support staff (10%)

The decision to give Stokes out obstructing the field was:

  • Correct. He reached out well outside the line of his body when the ball wasn’t aimed at him. (42%)
  • Ridiculous. He was taking evasive action, Smith should’ve withdrawn the appeal. (35%)
  • One that could’ve gone either way. Let’s just move on. (23%)