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West Indies’ decision to abandon the Indian tour was:

  • Hasty. They have put the future of West Indies cricket in jeopardy (36%)
  • Correct. It wouldn’t have been fair on the players to continue with massive wage cuts (24%)
  • Unfair, to the BCCI and to Indian cricket lovers (24%)
  • Unavoidable. The WICB has a history of payment issues (16%)

Kevin Pietersen’s claim that there was a culture of bullying in the England team is:

  • Spot on. The latest ECB document proves he’s been targeted for silly reasons. (42%)
  • Worth investigating, at the very least. It can’t all be fiction. (38%)
  • Laughable. He’s no Mr. Congeniality himself. (12%)
  • Only one side of the story. We now have to wait for Matt Prior’s tell-all book. (8%)

What can be done to increase the popularity of CLT20?

  • Include more IPL teams in the competition (39%)
  • Hold matches in non-traditional centres (28%)
  • Market the tournament aggressively (19%)
  • Encourage regular player-fan interactions (14%)

Ajmal ban: What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

  • ICC are finally becoming serious about illegal actions (36%)
  • Pakistan are going to suffer in a big way (34%)
  • Hope the ICC are consistent in handing out punishments (25%)
  • Individual boards will be under pressure to address suspect actions (5%)

What are the takeaway tips from India’s ODI series in England?

  • India are excellent in the shorter formats, England better suited for Tests (47%)
  • England’s poor team selection and performances make it impossible to judge India (23%)
  • Zimbabwe have more than a “cat in hell’s chance” at the World Cup compared to England (15%)
  • Alastair Cook is a total misfit in ODIs, both as captain and as batsman (15%)