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What will it take to redeem the IPL’s image?

  • Complete absence of controversy with focus only on the cricket (43%)
  • Thrilling on-field action marked by top performances from big names (28%)
  • Nothing. The issues are too deep-rooted (23%)
  • Strong patronage of the tournament by fans during the UAE leg (6%)

Does Yuvraj Singh have an international future?

  • Yes, he has been a great match-winner for India (42%)
  • No, his best years are well behind him (29%)
  • Maybe, but he needs to do well in domestic cricket first (29%)

Who will go on to win the World T20 2014?

  • India (61%)
  • Sri Lanka (31%)
  • West Indies (4%)
  • South Africa (4%)

Should India stick to the three-spinner policy for the World T20?

  • Yes, the pacers have rarely delivered (50%)
  • It should be based on the conditions (28%)
  • No, but Amit Mishra should play (22%)

Which teams will qualify for the main leg of the World T20?

  • Ireland and Bangladesh (53%)
  • A different combination of teams (28%)
  • Bangladesh and Zimbabwe (14%)
  • Afghanistan and Ireland (4%)
  • Zimbabwe and Afghanistan (1%)