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What contributed most to India’s win over England at Lord’s?

  • Ajinkya Rahane’s brilliant 103 in trying conditions on day one (32%)
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s all-round excellence (21%)
  • MS Dhoni asking Ishant Sharma to adopt the short-ball strategy (15%)
  • Ishant Sharma’s ability to carry out the short-ball tactics with aplomb (14%)
  • M Vijay’s painstaking 95 in the second innings (10%)
  • Ravindra Jadeja’s brazen counter-attack when India were against the ropes on the fourth day (8%)

Were India justified in lodging a Level 3 charge against Anderson?

  • Yes, there’s no place for physical contact in cricket (64%)
  • The teams should have sorted things out quietly between themselves (17%)
  • We need to wait for the hearing before deciding on that (13%)
  • No, it was an over-reaction since Anderson was provoked (6%)

What changes should India make for the Lord’s Test?

  • Replace Jadeja with Ashwin (51%)
  • Keep the same XI (27%)
  • Play two spinners (14%)
  • Play the extra batsman (8%)

What do you think of India’s chances in the England series?

  • Difficult to predict, it will be a hard-fought series (33%)
  • India will win comfortably (32%)
  • England will rise from recent defeats to win (21%)
  • A drawn series looks like the most likely outcome (14%)

What should England do with Alastair Cook?

  • Keep the faith (39%)
  • Relieve him of Test captaincy (23%)
  • Rest him, he needs a break (22%)
  • Ask him to quit ODIs, focus on Tests (16%)