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Change to Mankading law most welcome

Change to Mankading law most welcome

Restricting bat sizes is merely window dressing though, with most other factors still in the batsmen's favour read more

DRS to be used in PSL playoff matches

System won’t be used for the final, with the company providing the technology having refused to read more

Women’s World Cup Qualifiers: Five things to think about

Fresh thinking needed to bring smaller teams at par with the bigger ones, designing pitches going forward, read more

Revised financial model, nine-team Test league among major ICC decisions

Among other significant changes decided on in Board meeting, there will be a 13-team ODI league read more

ICC mull nine-team Test championship, 13-team ODI league

Five-day competition to be spread over two years; Ireland, Afghanistan could gain Test status

Have we seen the last of MS Dhoni?

PRINT RUN: Chahal’s six, Kohli’s witty response, Dravid’s strong words, BCCI’s dilemma, and more

Shamsuddin stands down from final T20I

Hyderabadi had received flak from Morgan after Nagpur howlers; Nitin Menon to partner Anil Chaudhary on the field Himanish Bhattacharjee, Bangalore

Eden stands to be named after Ganguly, Dalmiya

Pankaj Roy and Biswanath Dutt to be similarly honoured before third ODI against England on Sunday

Border’s 1987 World Cup winners to receive medals

Ceremony to take place during innings break of fourth Australia-Pakistan ODI in Sydney, with all players and support staff to be honoured

Wear new helmets or risk suspension, says ICC

Headgear that adheres to latest British Safety Standard to be compulsory in all men’s and women’s internationals from February 1

Australia call for concussion subs after Renshaw is ruled out of SCG Test following blow to the head
  • AFP
  • Jan 6, 2017

Hit while batting and fielding, rookie opener complained of headaches and was withdrawn from the game as a safety measure

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