VVS Laxman

Kumble exit: Setting a dangerous precedent

Kumble exit: Setting a dangerous precedent

Indian cricket will survive, perhaps even thrive, under a new coach, but things aren’t quite as straightforward and black-and-white as that read more

Partnership with Kohli was untenable, says Kumble

BCCI informed him of the Indian captain’s ‘reservations’ about his style on Monday; best to move read more

Pay us to pick coach, say Tendulkar & Co

PRINT RUN: Getting ready for India v South Africa, the Stokes & Morgan show, more money for India read more

Pujaras at No. 58, Nottingham

PRINT RUN: India v Pakistan frenzy, Laxman to recuse himself for Moody interview, McDermott applies for India read more

Kohli v Kumble: Ganguly & Co left in the lurch

Having set the precedent of letting players have a say in coach selection, the BCCI seems happy to play along, it suits their interests too

Choudhary dismisses Kohli-Kumble ‘rift’

Purely in the realm of imagining, whole country is happy with coach, insists BCCI’s acting secretary

Laxman stresses on winning the middle overs

Important the top four should get going and one of them should go on to score a big one, says the former Indian batsman

Life lessons from VVS Laxman, the true master

Education is a gift everyone must have access to, stresses the former batting great in his capacity as ‘Shiksha Superhero’ for underpriviledged children

The hunt for India’s coach begins again, but why exactly?

The Tendulkar-Laxman-Ganguly recommendation that Kumble be appointed for three years should have been enforced without going through the rigmarole again

BCCI googly as head coach applications invited

Kumble’s term ends with Champions Trophy but former Indian skipper given 'direct entry' in repeat of elaborate process of last year

Laxman, Dravid, Kumble – glorifying the game, and not just as cricketers

Given an opportunity to pass on their wisdom and expertise, these giants among men have gone at it with commitment and a sense of purpose

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