Wisden India believes that there's still a place for intelligent writing. Ours is a combination of reportage and analysis, concise and hard-hitting. But fine writing is but one part of the package. We are excited by new media, and will be using it extensively, driven by Wisden's brand values. There will also be engagement with fans over social-networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter - including blogs, polls and fan votes on various elements of the digital offering.

The Wisden India Almanack will be the definitive reference point for all Indian cricket-lovers, while the Wisden India Awards will showcase the country's rich cricket heritage.

At Wisden India, we intend to listen to the fans because we believe that they matter. Wisden India will give them a space to express their views and concerns. Independence has always been the hallmark of the Wisden imprint and that will not change. We will stand up for what we feel is right, but we will not push the agendas of those with vested interests. Wisden India will be true to the game, to its players and the fans whose support makes all of this possible.