Trent Bridge’s reputation of being a bowler’s gallows took a beating on Thursday (July 13), and all it really took was one chinaman from India. Kuldeep Yadav knifed into England’s batting order with the precision of a surgeon and the impact of a butcher with his six-wicket haul to pretty much own the attention of the fraternity. He even managed to overshadow Rohit Sharma’s century, and that’s saying something.

Besides India’s eight-wicket win, Mohammad Kaif’s retirement, Hima Das’s treat, Brendon McCullum’s envy-causing retirement life, and more acted as trimmings.

But first…. here’s the magic man. Note: Rohit finds some mention too.

Shikhar Dhawan’s on a picture-snapping spree.

We did wonder why Kaif picked July 13 to hang up his boots from all forms of cricket. Now we know.

Guess why Kaif picked the date?

Somewhere far, far, far away….

Meanwhile, the Indian cricket fraternity came out in support of Das for her remarkable achievement.

Time to turn the time machine all the way back.

South Africa didn’t have a good day against Sri Lanka, but that won’t stop Faf du Plessis from letting his hair down. The occasion calls for it.